Chrome – Speed and Eye Candy in one!

It has been about a week since I switched to using Chrome as my main browser. I have to say, I am impressed.

Now that Chrome has extensions it is truly the best browser. Not only is it extremely clean and fast, but now you can block objectionable ads, sync your passwords between computers, sync your bookmarks, and see if you have a new Google wave without opening the thing. (Although I don’t know many people that use wave.)

Here is my list of extensions.

AdBlock – Remove those flashy annoying ads and keep useful ones.
lastpass – All your passwords encrypted and syncing between computers. Its great.
Google Calendar Checker – Shows you when your next event is.
Google Wave Notifier – Shows if you have any new waves.

Transition to Windows 7

So I finally got some time to switch over to Windows 7. Here are the main reasons I decided to switch.

  • Free Pro Copy From School
  • Snap to sides / top for resizing windows.
  • Faster Startup, shutdown, and sleep (noticeably so, I come out of sleep mode in 2 seconds)
  • New taskbar with pinning of apps
  • Make your desktop background a slideshow
  • Cool New Shortcuts
  • Library Feature
  • Sticky Notes and other cool new programs
  • Improved Windows Media Center – I might actually use it now

I decided to do a clean install to get rid of all the old programs on my previous vista hard drive. Luckily I had a spare hard drive so I could keep the old one running vista as I slowly transfer over.

Here are the essential apps I needed along with any special notes. All of these apps are free and work fantastic.

Avira Antivirus – Antivirus Software
7zip – Best unzipping software ever
Google Talk – Simple and easy IM
VLC – Great Video Player with a lot of codecs preinstalled

TweetDeck – Twitter client – Simple to use and most of the features you need
Programmers Notepad – Great for website work
Putty – The defacto SSH program
WinSCP – Great SCP and FTP client

Eclipse – Programming in Java? You should be using eclipse

Firefox – So many great extensions, make sure to set a master password and transfer over your profile

VisualSVN Server – Great windows service for running a SVN server. Takes care of everything for you. Now you can have version control for your own projects. I even use it for my documents, makes transferring computers much easier. Check here for info on transferring over your repository.
TortoiseSVN – THE windows client for SVN. If you have troubles importing your repo, its cause windows is trying to index the svn files. You should make sure your not indexing any repositories, or at least not the .svn folders.

Objective C Forward Invocation

The other day I was messing around with Objective C trying to learn about forward invocation.

- (void)forwardInvocation:(NSInvocation *)anInvocation
if ( [myFriend respondsToSelector: [anInvocation selector]] ) {
[anInvocation invokeWithTarget: myFriend];
else {
[super forwardInvocation:anInvocation];

But for whatever reason I would get a “doesnotrecognizeselector” error when I sent a message to my object that it was supposed to forward.

To fix this you need to also include this.

- (NSMethodSignature *)methodSignatureForSelector:(SEL)aSelector {
NSMethodSignature *sig;
sig = [super methodSignatureForSelector:aSelector];
if (sig) return sig;
sig = [myFriend methodSignatureForSelector:aSelector];
return sig;

This method is used to create the method signature object so you basically just need to make sure and include it whenever you override forwardInvocation.

Hello world!

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